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Mosscoff is an incomparable percussion pattern – it makes our copper barrel-shaped mug stand out among the competitors with its elegant style. Our unique hammer technique requires heavy manual work, but thanks to this, copper cups are durable and can be passed on to generations as a long-term gift.


Serving a cocktail from a Moscow mule in a hammered copper mug will make you a stylish host and create a dazzling accent on any party. With our melamine mugs from the Moscow mule of 2, you are sure to impress your friends and guests. However, the purchase of Mosscoff copper mugs is the ideal solution for PERFECT copper gifts for men or women on an anniversary or wedding.


Mugs are made of FDA certified 22-gauge plate thickness of 99.98% pure copper grade, most manufacturers use 99%, which is of great importance. Neither nickel nor tin. No crappy brass handles, no unreliable rivets, no swinging.


Do not hesitate to buy our copper mugs in Moscow Mule with a lifetime warranty. There were no questions. But we are sure: as soon as you get your mugs – you will love them and never return.


Two copper glasses are not identical. Each of them is unique, unsurpassed and made by hand in India by traditional masters of copper. You are protected by the Mosscoff guarantee! If you are unhappy with your purchase – send us an email and we will do it right!


Nobody can resist your set of copper martini as a gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarming parties, bachelor or bachelor parties, for grooms or wedding showers, mother’s day, a great gift for men and women to thank or simply because , what!


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Mosscoff unmatched hammering pattern – makes our copper barrel mug stand out among the competitors with its elegant style. Our unique hammering technic requires heavy handwork but it makes the copper cups durable over a lifetime and can be passed over to generations as a long lasting keepsake.

Moscow Mule coctail history


History of Moscow mule drink It all started in 1933. Alcohol prohibition had just been canceled in America and an immigrant by the name of Rudolf Kunet decided to produce Russian vodka in the United States. His friend Vladimir Smirnov had been producing Smirnoff vodka in Paris for ten years. Unfortunately, business was slow, so Vlad decided to sell Rudolf a license to use his brand in America. However, vodka sales in the States went slow too. Americans, lovers of whiskey, were not keen on the colorless liquid, forcing Kunet Rudolf to sell Smirnoff distribution rights to Heublein Company and its president John Martin. In 1941 the owner of the tavern Cock’n’Bull, as well as the manufacturer of Ginger Beer Jack Morgan met Martin and Kunet in NY. They asked Morgan to try to mix up his drink with their “white whiskey.” The men raised a toast, drank, and were pleasantly surprised with refreshing drink taste.

In the 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy led a movement against dissenters, known as the “witch hunt”. Infected with the communist phobia Americans were offended by the Russian origin of vodka, and the bartenders of New York protested in the Fifth Avenue with posters “Down with the MOSCOW MULE.” We do not need vodka! “.

The next day New York Daily News published a picture with the slogan. Right after that, every American who read the article ran to the bar to order a glass of the vanishing cocktail. As a result, one of the journalists described the events as “MOSCOW MULE” turned out to be the Trojan horse that brought vodka to the Americans. During the cold war times the popularity of the drink tripled!


Moscow Mule Recipes

The Original Recipe for Moscow Mule
  • One lemon or lime (preferably organic)
  • 2 ounces of Smirnoff Vodka (or any original vodka)
  • 5 ounces of authentic Ginger Beer
  • 1 copper mug
  • 1 cup of ice

Instructions: Take the lemon or lime and squeeze the juice into the copper mug. Pour the ice into the mug and then pour the vodka onto the ice in the mug. Finally, add the ginger beer to the mug. Take a spoon and stir all the ingredients inside of the mug until they are mixed thoroughly.

Q & A

We Are Usually Asked About

I know there isn't any lacquer inside your mug, but what about the outside of it, to keep it from pitting and the high gloss shine?

Our copper mugs do have lacquer on the outside to keep the shine and to protect it from tarnishing. The lacquer is totally food safe. There’s no lacquer on the inside of our copper cups.
Please also be informed that we use the highest quality copper which is also FDA certified and is 99.98% in purity. Most of the manufacturers in India are buying 99% copper which is way cheaper.

Can I use with hot drinks too?

We do not recommend these for hot drinks. Copper gets hot and you might burn your lips.

Why do you recommend using copper mugs for Moscow mule and not steel-lined or lacquer finish. What are the benefits of using copper? Thanks!

Thank you for your question! I can talk about it for hours since copper cookware is my passion but let me cut it short:
1. When liquid (vodka/lime juice/wine, beer, etc.) hits the copper and begins to oxidize and the flavor is enhanced, no stainless steel lining can provide that.
2. Copper conducts temperature almost immediately, and the cold metal touch gets a crisp feeling to the drinker’s lips. That is unforgettable and cannot be achieved through glass or plastic
3. Finally, the main reason to use copper mugs for Moscow mules is its presentation. A martini doesn’t seem right unless it’s served in the classic glass vortex with an olive in it. The same is true for Moscow mule drink. In fact, many other cocktails would just benefit from a solid copper mug.

How are the handles attached...rivets or welded?

The handles are securely welded to the mug. We had zero complaints about broken handles. Some mugs in the market have round shape handles and you can see the silver color welding line between the handle and the mug. Same thing with most of the brass handles. Mosscoff handles are of а question mark shape – it is more comfortable to hold the mug with it and it is the best shape to make the welding line almost unnoticeable.
Although original Moscow mule mug had riveted handes, it might cause leaking in time.



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