Set of 6 100% Copper Straws 5.5”/6.7”/7.9” Size

Best match for your Moscow Mule copper mugs. Let your guests choose the copper straw size they need

  • 100% Copper drinking straws by Mosscoff are amazing little things in your glass that transmits the cold of the drink straight to your lips. No more lipstick marks on your glass if you are using our copper reusable straws.
  • Mosscoff copper straw kit has 2×5.5’ straight mini straws, 2×6.7’ standard size straws and 2×7.9’ bent straws. The three size straws we have chosen for you in this set are the best for whiskey glasses, martini goblets, Moscow mule copper mugs
  • Let your guests choose the copper straw size they need: 5.5’ for Martini & whiskey, 6.7’ for long glasses and classic style Moscow mule mugs or Mint juleps cups, 7.9’ bent straws look best in barrel shape copper cups.
  • Copper drinking straws add lustre to any drink at any occasion: bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday, wedding, anniversary, housewarming celebrations, groomsmen and bridal party. These shiny accessories will make you a host in style.
  • Mosscoff copper straws are coated with FDA food grade lacquer to keep them glossy and to protect from tarnishing. They look silky with no sings of fingerprints.