Copper Jigger Lacquered for The Shine And To Prevent Tarnish

Double 1oz/2oz copper measuring jigger for cocktail mixing. Solid hammered copper 22G copper. Copper shot glass for Moscow mule.

  • 00 % SOLID COPPER. Mosscoff jigger is of the highest quality copper that complies with FDA regulations, made of 22-gauge copper plate.
  • EACH JIGGER IS UNIQE. Each jigger is handcrafted by experienced artisans, hammered and polished to perfection. Its beautiful surface is covered with food safe lacquer to keep the shine and prevent the jigger from tarnishing.
  • 1-OUNCE/2-OUNCE SIDE gives you the right proportion of alcohol in your favorite drink.
  • PERFECT FOR SHOTS. Looks great with a slice of lime on it for tequila or vodka shots. Double-sided copper jigger shot glass is what you need if you are fond of drinking games.
  • SAFE PURCHASE. Love it or get full refund. However, we are sure once you have it you will never want to give it back.