Set of 4 Copper Stemless Wine Glasses

Moscow mule copper stemless wine glasses

  • What would make you a host in style? – Moscow mule copper mugs are very popular now so you can hardly impress your friends with them. Make your neighbors envy you!
  • Highest quality hammered copper cup of 22 gauge on brass copper plated stem and base to match the flute. The brass stem will not transmit the heat from your hand when holding the glass. Our glasses are covered with food grade lacquer to prevent from tarnishing and to keep the shine. Feels heavy and looks expensive. Each Mosscoff copper flute come in two pieces and needs one-time assembling but this is the best way to deliver them undamaged.
  • Handcrafted copper glasses are unique and unmatched. Each Mosscoff shot glass is different in its way and is made with no automation involved by traditional Indian artisans.
  • HOST YOUR GUESTS WITH A STYLE. Solid Copper glasses get a fantastic frosty film on their surface when you pour ice-cold spirits in them. Glass shot cups cannot convey this kind of drinking experience. The hammered surface reflects the light from its walls and looks luxury and expensive.