Copper Straws Mini 5,5” Size Set of 6 Solid 100% Copper Drinking Straws

You do not need a copper mug to feel the taste of your Moscow mule, Martini or lemonade

  • Mini copper straws are perfect for whisky glasses, martini glasses or just regular ones. Long straws look ridiculous in some glasses or mugs – so these 5,5’ straws is just what you need to feel the cold taste of your drink
  • Our straws are not just a piece of pipe. We polish the edges to perfection so you are safe with our copper cup straws and will never cut your lips. Our straws are made of pure high quality copper – the best that could be found in India.
  • Mosscoff copper cocktail straws are covered with food safe lacquer to protect the copper surface from tarnishing. This also gives the straws silky and expensive look.
  • No more disposable straws – get rid of the habit to chew the tip of your straw and save the environment))
  • Great match for your Moscow mule copper barrel mugs